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Black Butte Saloon History
John Wayne at the Black Butte Saloon
The Black Butte Saloon boasts an incredibly colorful history. Built in the fall of 1917 by Miss Georgia Clark, the saloon rose quickly to prominence in Northern California. Their reputation for gambling, alcohol and ladies of the night was so widespread, that they were an overnight success and became quite famous as the gold rush hit Siskiyou County. During the Prohibition, tunnels were built connecting the saloon to an underground storeroom, allowing the patrons to continue to enjoy their frosty cold beers, while the saloon played a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the authorities.  

The Black Butte would shine again, when it became the favorite watering hole for big screen legend John Wayne. Wayne would continue to frequent the establishment, long after the ladies and cards had cleaned out by the State of California. He would often be seen at the saloon, on vacation in the area, between filming movies that tended to reflect the western attitude of the county he came to know and love.

Today you can see historical influences from all these time periods throughout the bar, from the vintage beds and steamer trunks, to the old school artwork. So come in, check us out and help us keep making history!

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Black Butte Saloon